look at this fucking cisgender
So you're not even trans? So glad we have a White Knight like you to decide what is and isn't transphobic and transmisogynist :))))))

where on earth did you get this impression

Why don't you have a Neo-Nazi/MRA hall of shame?
  1. when i was actively curating this blog i ran into far more terfs than neo-nazis or mras and since i had no desire to engage with them i blacklisted them as i came across them, so the hall of shame was as easy as copy/pasting my existing blacklist and adding to it as necessary
  2. while neo-nazis and mras are usually pretty damn easy to spot, terfs tend to be insinuated into feminist/sj circles and may be widely respected within those circles, which is dangerous for obvious reasons
  3. transmisogyny is a central part of what this blog aims to expose
  4. because fuck you, that’s why. i can’t keep a list of every single shitty person on earth and this message reads to me as a thinly veiled iteration of the old “singling out terfs for criticism is misogynist” line transmisogynists love to parrot
I'm coming here because it's the only place I can trust to give me an educated helping hand, as there are no trans people in my town. This sounds super stupid but I think I might be trans, but I have little understanding of it I can't really be sure. I don't know any of the terms or the different types of trans people and there's so many incorrect definitions around from people who aren't trans I just don't know where to turn. Is there somewhere I can go for information from a /trans/ person? :)

that’s a tricky position to be in for sure. if you’d like to talk privately/off anon, i’m absolutely willing to listen and offer what advice i can! otherwise, i have a perfunctory “am i trans” page here which addresses some of the common doubts/fears/confusions people have, which might help?

Excuse me, by why are you only answering hate or "non-understanding" cis stories? I asked what I could do as a cis to make sure I don't disrespect or offend others, yet you don't seem to want to fix that if you won't answer my question. I don't understand this at all. How am I supposed to get better if nobody wants to inform me on what I'm supposedly doing wrong?

this blog is on hiatus; it also has a massive archive which includes people asking exactly this question, repeatedly, all the time. that aside, the majority of my pre-hiatus activity WAS talking about strategies for thinking about and combating oppression (often addressing trans people, because as you’ll note, this is a blog for trans people). it’s really not hard to find an answer to your question, and the fact that you feel entitled to have everything explained to you personally rather than taking the initiative to educate yourself on the subject of How To Not Be A Shitty Person when the resources are right in front of you is frustrating to me. it indicates to me that you are not actually all that interested in learning so much as you are in hunting for opportunities to argue with me

i’m not going to apologize for not catering to you when i explicitly state that this blog is oriented towards helping other trans people talk about their experiences, and not towards answering cis people’s trans 101 questions

Why are you still here? Seriously, just die. Drop fucking dead.


Oh poor you. 'Oppressive violence' isn't the only problem in this world. Stop acting like you are the only one who has problems. Strangely enough, other people actually have problems too, even people who AREN'T trans!! WOW!! And they don't always have to involve sexuality or gender identity. Boo hoo. get over yourself.

how does talking about my own problems in any way suggest that other people are incapable of having problems

Nobody gives a shit about 'reading your FAQ' dear. we only need to look at your whiny comments to know that you're a pitiful 'victim'.

*whines about being a victim of oppressive violence*

Being a minority doesn't give you the right to be a bitch.

i have that right wholly independently of being a minority, yes

it literally says in my faq that i don’t Hate All Cis People but you’re not interested in that, you’re interested in haranguing trans people because you find our anger unpalatable

Not gonna hate, but I'm just wondering, why do you hate cis people? That's like if you don't like ice cream but you tell everyone that does like it that they suck. They can't help it, that's just how they live. if you put that hate out there, things can only get worse and get more hateful /: if everybody, and I mean both sides, just literally left each other alone, it'd be fine, they don't need to prove anything to each other.

trans and cis as discrete classes are defined by the subordination of gender variant people