look at this fucking cisgender


PSA: it actually really irritates me when people say they’re feminists, but they shame sex workers, look down on “girly girls”, etc.

  • some women prefer shaving and some women don’t shave and that is perfectly okay either way because it is all about choice and preference and shaving your armpits, legs, etc. doesn’t make you any less of a feminist.
  • some women like dressing up, wearing make up, and being “girly” and some women don’t. it’s all about doing what you want and choice and doing whatever makes you happy and feel good. and wearing makeup and being “girly” doesn’t make you any less of a feminist.
  • sex workers are real people and should be treated with respect. if you’re a feminist and you act as if sex workers are somehow lower than other women, you seriously need a reality and attitude check and you are just a holier than thou snob.
  • i don’t care what you say, you are not a feminist if you’re transphobic. also, fuck all this “die cis scum” bullshit on this site. some women are cis and some women are trans. let people live their lives how they want and do what they want instead of shaming everybody for being who they are. a lot of people on this site lose sight of the important things and instead of focusing on feminism and getting people aware of it they focus on shaming other people for being who they are. that’s not feminism. it’s perfectly okay to get people aware of their privilege but it is not okay to shit all over people and make them not want to be feminists because some of these “social justice bloggers” are complete douches.

i was down with this post until the last bullet point

  • hate to break it to you, but yeah, transphobic feminists are still feminists. so are racist feminists. so are ableist and classist and any other kind of -ist feminists. the fact of the matter is that feminism as a movement has heavy roots in transphobia, and you, as a cis person, do not get to magically discount that in order to make it more palatable. i’m sure it’s not your intention, but when i see stuff like “transphobes aren’t feminists” written by cis people, it feels to me like you’re trying to make yourself feel better by distancing yourself from Those Other Cis Feminists. nope. they’re still a part of feminism and its history, and if you’re gonna id as a feminist you better be acknowledging that in a critical way (which does not mean i think you shouldn’t be a feminist or that feminism is bad! it just means being conscious and proactive about who and what you support) instead of writing transphobic feminists off as somebody else’s problem. likewise, it means remembering that a lot of people - i’m thinking poc and trans people - have really good reasons for not wanting to affiliate with feminism specifically, though they often share its general philosophy.
  • i know very few trans people who are actually out to make cis people feel bad for being cis. i know a much larger number of trans people who are out to make cissexist cis people feel bad for being cissexist. there’s a difference.
  • if someone decides they don’t want to support anti-oppression because one time a trans person was rude to them on the internet, here is a hint: they were probably not actually all that anti-oppression in the first place
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